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ATV/Motorcycle Speedometers ACE-1500
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Brand: Acewell
model: ACE-1500
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Update date 2021-12-02 10:35
  • Speedometer and Odometer for On Road Certification
  • Display Speedometer, bar-graphic tachometer, fuel gauge and one of other functions at the same time.
  • The unit can apply both built-in CR2032 battery and the bike's battery
  • Optional bar-graphic tachomter scales of 10,000rpm or 20,000rpm.
  • Built-in shift warning and over temperature warning LED indicators.
  • Fuel gauge includes 3 options of fuel meter input resistance +/-100, 250 and 510 Ohm.
  • Total hour meter and odometer are always kept in memory.
  • Universal wheel circumference setting rang: 1-3999mm.
  • Includes bracket, RPM wire, hall or reed speed sensor, fitting kits and wiring harness.
  • Allows end user to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km.
  • E MARK certification.