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Hello and welcome to This is a website about ATV, Scooter and Motorcycle computers, we named it computer instead of speed meter, mile meter or odometer…etc. Because of the computer contains more than these meters. Acewell is a reliable manufacturer of ATV, Motorcycle and Scooter computers in Taiwan, Our core competition is mechanical and electronic integration, we design hardware, software and mechanism in house, it is a very important ability to make a small, solid and waterproof product such as motorcycle computers. A reliable ATV/Motorcycle/Scooter computer has 3 key points besides accuracy the basic request; there are noise immunity, anti-vibration and waterproof. The noise comes from ATV/Motorcycle』s sparking plug, and then goes through sensor wire into the main unit and interference the computer. Different Motorcycle/ATV has different interference intensity, in normal situation, you can try to put the sensor wire close to the sparking pl... [more]
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